Sold Free But No Sales

Sold free but no sales!

You must have heard many international business coaches teaching you how to get started with email marketing, using lead magnets to get leads, and the power of FREE! Now, let me tell you what most of them must have skipped, probably, in your classes.

FREE has a price tag! And the price is actually more expensive than money! When you say something is FREE, what you’re actually saying is, “I don’t need your money; I only need your attention and time.” And always, the next objection people have is, “why should I give you my time & attention?” In a proper sales class, you would learn that until you satisfy all the concerns and objections of a lead (potential customer), you won’t land the sales.

This is where a lot of business owners fail in their sales process. That something is free doesn’t mean it should be shoddy or shabbily presented. Another vital thing you need to understand is that “FREE” is not a value proposition. “FREE” doesn’t add any perception of value to anything. If it’s not valuable, it’s not valuable! “FREE” won’t automatically make people turn their faces in your direction.

Now, this is not to tell you “FREE” is not a powerful marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, it remains one of the most powerful tools out there. And it’s not losing its relevance anytime soon. The only problem is, a lot of people abuse it.

Attention is expensive. Getting people’s attention is worth more than getting their money. Why? Money only flows in the direction that attention goes. If you can’t get my attention, you can’t get my money, except you steal it while I’m unaware. But for you to get my attention, you’re really close to getting my money. So, when someone pays you their attention, value it. There are too many things dragging for the same attention every single minute.

The science of getting people’s attention

1) Define your audience!
If you must get attention, you must be specific with who exactly you’re speaking to. You can’t use every bait to catch every fish. Determine who you want to serve first and then before even launching out. And if you’ve already launched out, it’s time you review who you’re serving.

2) Start telling the unique stories of your audience!
When creating content on social media or your blog post, use case studies, terms and stories your audience can easily relate with. Let your language, style of writing and message match the lifestyle of your audience. For instance, if you must attract the attention of sailors, talk more about life on the sea. Don’t talk about life in the hospital. That would only attract doctors. And if you don’t have any offer meant for doctors, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

3) Use the right triggers!
No matter how sweet your burger is, if the people are not hungry, you may not have a single sale! To really get attention without struggling and yelling, touch some triggers such as pain-points, ego, fear, aspirations & goals. In your headlines, keywords, hashtags, etc., try to use any of these triggers to get the best response and engagement.

4) Invest in social proof
Social proof simply talks about testimonials, reviews and word-of-mouth marketing. People pay attention when others are talking about you more than when you’re the only one talking about yourself. Two things people don’t joke with when it comes to social proof: (a) the status of the person (or people) talking about you and (b) the numbers of people talking about you. As much as possible, invest in having this for your brand.

5) Use the right value proposition!
Value proposition is the promise of value you’re making to your audience. Just like I said earlier, “FREE” is not a value proposition. Stop depending on it to catch attention. Make offers that address what your audience are really looking for. Go to where they gather like social media groups, physical gatherings, under the comments of your top-performing competitors, trending hashtags, etc., and fish out what people are craving or hungry for. Then, make your offer address any of those things.

Your free offer can be your most powerful marketing tool if used well. But while trying to use it, place a premium on what you’re getting in return – their attention and their trust. These are the things that will make you all the money you ever dreamed of. If all you’re earning from a customer is money, you’re really not in business. The most important things to earn are their attention and their trust.

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