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Leadership and business branding are inseparable concepts. Every brand takes its root first from the leader’s values, story, beliefs and possibly, lifestyle. In recent years, I’ve seen the impact of individuals’ growth and development in their businesses. I’ve seen how businesses change immediately the leader begins to grow. It has been proven over again that everything rises and falls on leadership. In other words, no organization can grow beyond its leader.

When I started Clarylife Global properly in March 2018, there were a lots of things I couldn’t grasp and my business suffered as a result of that deficiency. I could see many of my personal limitations and deficiencies reflecting directly in my business. So, I understood that it wasn’t for me to be angry and worried about where the business was going, but for me to grow in my mind.

On Monday, 4th of January, 2021, I shared my thoughts on leadership and business branding on Tribune Newspapers. This is a topic I’m very passionate about and being featured alongside some of the brightest minds in this business branding space was a huge honour and privilege for me.

So, do you have still have perturbing questions on matters around branding and its importance? You don’t want to miss this comprehensive article on Tribune Newspaper released on the 4th of January. Here’s the link for you.

Always remember that I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.

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