Brand Clarity Coaching

Do you need help finding your voice and establishing your uniqueness and measurable impact within your industry or niche? This brand clarity coaching is designed specifically for you.

Brand Clarity Coaching
I employ practical coaching techniques to help you dig into your core identity. And from there, we design your brand strategy, craft your brand positioning, and help you create that powerful brand perception that commands attention and buy-in.
I help you communicate your value with absolute clarity
People go about looking for quality, but in the end, they only buy clarity.
The problem in the marketplace today is that 90% of brands lack clarity about what makes their value unique. And most of the time, they lack the creativity to communicate that uniqueness in a way that resonates with their target market.

In my coaching program, you'll learn:

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What people say about Simeon

Simeon Taiwo runs one of the most innovative and professional brand consulting agencies in Africa. Their works are not only top-notch; they are also beautiful. They listen to the client to have a good understanding of the client’s objective for seamless delivery. I recommend them to anyone who needs branding or web solutions of any kind. I guarantee that you will enjoy highly professional service at a reasonable cost.
Mr. Richard Chilee CMC, FIMC

Richard Chilee

I stumbled on one of Mr. Simeon’s Instagram posts, and it felt like he was addressing my pain point. At the time, I was struggling with how to position my brand and incorporate systems and structure into all that I was doing. When I reached out to him, he asked me some questions that helped me reevaluate my core and thinking. My sessions with him were hit after hit because he always gave me uncommon value that I couldn’t get anywhere else.
Mrs. Oyebola Omolola

Oyebola Omolola

I met Simeon when I lacked clarity. I didn’t know how to distinguish myself from others who were doing just what I was doing. So, I met Simeon with the goal of re-strategizing my brand communications, but he came from a whole different angle. He asked me some self-digging questions that helped me reconnect to my core. From there, I found what I was looking for, which is my area of uniqueness and freshness in what I do. Simeon practically unlocked something within me, and I found my energy back in a whole new dimension.
Mrs. Jane Chris Ezetah

Jane Chris Ezetah

I had a brand clarity session with Mr. Simeon some days ago. I got to a point where I needed to really speak with solid brand personnel to know what step to take next, and he was the best person I could speak with. That session was all I needed. Mr. Simeon opened my eyes to aspects I wasn’t even thinking about, and that set me on the right path. I immediately knew what to do and how to go about it. Thank you so much for proposing practical solutions to my brand identity worries. I’m immensely grateful. He basically helped refine my message and equipped me with the tools and “know-how” needed to project it.
Mary Ogundimu

Mary Ogundimu

Highlights of this coaching program:

We get to the core of your identity to find and refine your message, your mission, and your brand voice.
We draw useful insights from your story and competencies to develop your brand positioning, target market, products, and business model.
We design actionable strategies for massive growth as an authority figure in your industry.

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“I connect distant silos, join dots, and build functional systems.”
Simeon Taiwo

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