I’m a certified management consultant and specialist (IMC, London Graduate School), MBA (in view). I’m the Lead Creative Consultant at Clarylife Global, a leading brand development and web development agency in Port Harcourt.
I’m the founder of Teachers & Educators Forum (TEF Nigeria), a 12000+ capacity Facebook group with educators, academic administrators, and school owners all over the world.
I’m the convener of the Brilliant And Talented Summit that hosts students from several schools in Port Harcourt, showing them how to balance academic brilliance with societal relevance.
I’m also the convener of The Celebrity Creative Bootcamp, a platform where I teach upcoming creatives on how to position themselves profitably in the industry, set up powerful systems & structures that help them become massively loved by clients, increase their perceived value and ultimately scale their businesses.

"From my years of experience as a brand consultant for many start-ups & MSMEs, I've come to realize that every successful brand has one thing in common - a strong connection between their Brand DNA and all the external working parts of the organizational system. Break this connection and watch how the brand begins a gradual nosedive into oblivion."

Simeon Taiwo

Little of my story

I found myself tilting towards the creative space a few years before graduation from college. And for good two years after graduation, I focused my energy on building something out of the passion. I was very broke and literally couldn’t afford to even subscribe for internet connection, let alone pay for trainings and paid courses. All I had was a deep hunger for growth, the little stipends I was getting from graphics designs and cheap/free online resources I was able to access.
Towards the ending of 2018, I came to a cross-road where I had to tell myself, “if truly there’s a way in this creative space, then I must find it.” I was very hungry, totally dissatisfied and desperately looking for answers.
To the glory of God, I found the key! In 2019, I made my first huge 6 figures and by the time the year was going to an end, I’d already crossed the 7 figure mark. In 2020, it was double the result. Now, we’re in 2022 and I can’t even tell the multiples anymore.
Of course, I was able to get trained on more high-paying skills and competencies along the journey, but most importantly, I grew in my level of self-awareness and sense of self-worth. I’ve been able to build a highly perceived brand around what I do and on a daily basis, I reap the dividends as my clientele of premium buyers keeps growing.
Clarylife Global is a branding and web development agency I built from zero into a 7-figure brand that now thrives well within the creative and tech space.
As an educationist & thought leader within the personal development space, I have convened many city-wide events with support groups well above 20,000 in total membership capacity.


My magic zones

Brand Clarity Coaching

Enrol for my signature brand clarity program where I help you dig into your BrandCORE and turn your target audience to hungry buyers and loyal fans.

Brand Strategy Session

I will help you craft your brand DNA, clarify your messaging across customer touch-points and develop a solid and functional brand strategy.

Digital Product Creation

I help you create and brand your digital products to gain massive impact on your target audience, using the right tools, tactics and platforms.