I’m a certified management consultant, brand strategist, data analyst and systems thinker. I’m the founder and lead creative consultant at Clarylife Global, a leading brand development and web development agency in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I’m also the senior partner at BrandingSchool.NG, a branding EdTech platform.
I’m the founder of Teachers & Educators Forum (TEF Nigeria), a 12000+ capacity online community of educators, academic administrators, and school owners all over the world.
I’m the convener of the Brilliant And Talented Summit that hosts students from several schools in Port Harcourt, helping them to create a sweet balance between academic brilliance and societal relevance by teaching them adaptive learning skills, and helping them to refine their talents for relevance.
I’m also the convener of The Celebrity Creative Bootcamp, a platform where I teach up and coming creatives on how to position themselves profitably in the industry, and increase their perceived value to ultimately scale their businesses.

"From my years of experience as a brand consultant for many start-ups and MSMEs, I've come to realize that all successful brands have one thing in common: a strong connection between their Brand DNA and all the external working parts of the organizational system. Break this connection and watch how the brand begins a gradual nosedive into oblivion."


Little of my story

I’m a believer, a husband, a father, and a youth leader. My career in personal development, thought leadership, and tech space began in 2016 just after graduating from the university where I studied microbiology and finished with a 2nd class upper degree.
With a strong foundation in the sciences mixed with a pure passion for creativity, I began to seek ways to add measurable value to businesses through design thinking and customer experience innovation. This has made me an ardent student of the art and science of perception building, experience design, brand leadership, brand psychology, and visual identity development.
I specialize in building authentic, successful, and mission-driven brands. In my role as the creative director and lead consultant at Clarylife Global for more than half a decade, I have helped more than a hundred brands in the past five years with my systems-thinking methodology to develop functional strategies and brand touch-points for market penetration and growth.
I love to work with business leaders to interpret their brand DNA and then convert it into functional brand strategies, workplace culture, and well-integrated marketing communications.


My magic zones

Brand Clarity Coaching

Enrol for my signature brand clarity program where I help you dig into your brand’s core, refine your message, and turn it into a magnet for attracting your ideal buyers.

Brand Strategy Session

I will help you translate your brand DNA into functional and actionable blueprints for effective brand communication and favourable positioning within your industry.

Digital Product Creation

I will help you create and position your digital products for proper market visibility, industry relevance and profit, with a proper sales funnel and audience-retention system.