How to build an online business with digital media

I started using social media in 2016 and for more than four years, I’ve championed a good number of impactful and profitable movements that simply came out of my experience and insights. I started my agency, Clarylife Global, in 2018 with just a laptop, a modem and me. And today, we’re operating in the 7-figures as an agency. Even in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic.

How was this possible? The power of the knowledge industry! Gone are those days when you have to start printing flyers, showing up on radio and showing up on TV before you can be heard. We’re in an age where you can become a global icon right from your bedroom!

The knowledge industry remains one of the youngest and most profitable industries of the 21st century. Thanks to the advent of Google and all the social platforms we now have at our disposal. Right now, with just your smartphone or PC, you can share anything on the internet and in a few seconds, people from all over the globe can access the information.

If you’re a business owner or a career person reading this mail, and you’re not positioning yourself properly in this industry, or you’re saying it’s not your thing, I need to tell you that you’re losing a lot of money and opportunities.

Businesses are now riding on the waves of thought-leadership and content-marketing to provide value for customers and prospects while at the same time, positioning themselves as the ONLY go-to solution providers to these customers or potential customers.

Business owners, top-level CEOs and industry experts are now using the internet to build their authority and influence as personal brands and also contribute to the brand equity of their companies.

Professionals across several industries are now positioning themselves for profitable career opportunities and relationships across the globe by simply using their social media platforms to engage meaningfully and share insights on matters around their professions.

So, where are you? How can you begin to use this tool for your own business/career growth?

1) Find your niche:

What’s the problem you feel you can solve with your education, experience or insights? Who are those people/organizations with the problem? Where are these people mostly found? Are they on LinkedIn? Do they often use Facebook? Is it Instagram they use most?

Position yourself where they gather and start to engage meaningfully with them. Create a schedule to share valuable insights, solutions and practical tips with them. That’s how you start drawing attention. 

2) Build relationships:

It’s not enough to have all the knowledge and expertise in the world. You must learn to build strategic relationships with other experts in your field. The fastest way to grow your influence (especially as someone who’s just starting up) is to leverage on the influence of others in your field. So, you call yourself an accountant or business finance expert and you want to use social media to build your authority?

Locate people who are experts in your niche already and engage meaningfully with their content. Follow their works and just be sure to engage. Drop comments that compliment (or complement) what they share, drop comments about your own views and experiences in line with what they share (but in a respectful way that edifies everyone). When you do this, you achieve two things:

a) You forge a connection with the person and…

b) You gain the attention of the person’s followers as well.

3) Build an asset:

You don’t use social media to just share insights and answer questions of people without having something you offer them. Of course, your insights and nuggets are valuable. They help people get some results, but quick fixes won’t make you an authority. You need to have a solution system in the form of a digital asset which you can call your signature product.

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Now, it may be a low-end offer or lead magnet that helps people to have a taste of you with very little commitment (low risk). It may be a $10, $20 package or even something they drop their emails to get.

Now, people who have tasted you for free on the internet and gotten some level of results with the videos, articles and podcast you’re sharing will have every reason to want to opt for this offer. Why? The idea is simple – “if your free stuff gave them so much value, how much more the one that comes with a little commitment?”

Look at great thought leaders like Steve Hacker, Tony Robins, Dan Lok, Simon Sinek, etc. Follow them on social media and see the crazy load of value they share regularly. They share freely but also have low-end and high-end offers.

Can I tell you something interesting? Often times, the only difference between you getting the free stuff and those who go for their offers is the relationship, access and commitment. Not the information.

Now, here is the blunt fact! Whatever thing you want to build an authority brand on, start working on it today! You can never start perfectly. Your first few trials will suck! It’s a fact! Accept it. But the earlier you start, the earlier you find your voice. This is where the work is. Finding your voice can take time.

Every journey of a thousand mile always begins with one step. Rome wasn’t built in one day, but everyday, a brick was laid. Start laying that brick now. Would you need an expert to help you build digital systems around your expertise and media presence?

(I can always help you with this!) Check my offers!

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