My top 5 secrets for personal and business growth

My top 5 secrets for personal and business growth

Early this year, I shared a message with my close circle of audience. I simply told them, “Whether you like it or not, 2023 will happen to you. Just the same way other previous years have happened. But regardless, ensure you also HAPPEN to 2023.”

We are halfway into the year, and a lot has happened already. But in the midst of it all, some persons have also HAPPENED. Now, we all have our different circumstances and peculiar realities. Of course, all fingers are not equal. But guess what? What if there’s something you can start doing so as to ensure you’re not the shortest finger?

1) Always be quick to evaluate where you are.

Don’t let a day pass without you facing your truth. One of the chief reasons many people cannot achieve growth in life is simply because they live in continuous self-delusion. A reality you cannot properly define will always keep you stuck.

2) Always clarify your destination.

We live in a world where, on a daily basis, loads of tempting and alluring things are presented to us. You go on Instagram and there you see someone telling you, “Here’s how I made $10,000 in one week doing XYZ!” You enter Facebook and another person is telling you how she learned ABC skills in three weeks and started making N5,000,000.00 monthly. The need to always ask yourself, “Where am I truly headed?” has never been more critical than it is today. And clarifying your destination is simply about defining your own success metrics, and having a clear picture of the person you truly dream of becoming.

3) Always use every means possible to close your knowledge or competence gaps.

Life is the ultimate school and right now, data subscription is a tuition fee among other fees you need to pay to keep accessing the lessons. And between where you are and the destination you’re heading towards, there is always a knowledge gap, a competence gap, or even both. So, the more you close those gaps, the closer you get to the destination.

4) Always look for opportunities to do what you know.

Real progress is in the DOING. You test what you know by doing it and evaluating the results that come from it. Any little thing you know about something, find a way to PRACTISE it. Until you start doing what you know, nothing will come out. It’s in the doing that you start observing how people are responding, what to tweak, and how to improve.

5) Always question whatever is not working.

Someone has said, “If where you are is not helping you, move away. You’re not a tree!” Don’t be blindly consistent. As you’re trying to be consistent in something, be observing what’s changing. And if nothing is changing, start asking questions. I didn’t say, JUST QUIT! I said, START ASKING QUESTIONS. Ask Google, ask people, ask yourself. Blind hope is not a growth factor.

This is July! 2023 is just a few weeks away. Don’t wait until it ends before you start evaluating things. Start now! Mistakes cannot be avoided in life. Little failures here and there cannot be avoided. You must always be quick in making decisions, and you must always be quick in evaluating the outcomes of your decisions. If you must make a mistake, make it fast. If you must fail, fail quickly. Before it becomes NEWS, you’ve dusted yourself and moved on. This is what they call FAILING FORWARD TOWARDS SUCCESS!

I remain your BrandCore Strategist.

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