Brand Clarity Workbook

Everyone is looking for quality, but they end up buying clarity. People only buy the clarity in how you communicate the problem you’re solving, the value you’re bringing, and how you want to be perceived and remembered. These are the things that increase your worth as an individual or as a business.

Any aspect of who you are or what you do that is not clear to people can keep your brand performance poor for as long as possible. This is why clarity is important. Your business/platform can never grow beyond the level of clarity you have gained, and with which you communicate its value.



Simeon Taiwo is a brand consultant, specialized in creating authentic, mission-driven, and successful brands. He works regularly with industry professionals & organisations in the tech & knowledge-based sectors to build integrated brand solutions around their platforms, products & services. He’s a certified brand strategist, data analyst and management consultant.
Simeon is the founder of Clarylife Global – a leading brand development and web development agency in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. In close to a decade of work with hundreds of business leaders, executives, and industry experts, Simeon has gained a solid reputation of always bringing absolute clarity to every corporate/personal brand he works on.
Simeon is happily married to his wife, Abisola Simeon, and they both have two adorable boys, Hallel & Zoe.

It was the gradual increase in my level of clarity that turned me from a skill hawker into an established authority in my niche as a brand expert. And I can tell you categorically that the pathway to gaining clarity is not random or haphazard like most people paint it. There is a systematic approach to it. Download this workbook to learn this practical and fail-proof approach.