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Folks call me Simeon Taiwo. I love to build robust digital systems that improve the efficiency of business operations and enhance the overall customer experience across multiple touchpoints. I’m known for handling projects with a systems-thinking approach.

Some of the solutions I provide for business leaders and organizations

Brand Development

Web Solutions

Simeon Taiwo
Simeon Taiwo runs one of the most innovative and professional brand consulting agencies in Africa. Their works are not only top-notch; they are also beautiful. They listen to the client to have a good understanding of the client’s objective for seamless delivery. I recommend them to anyone who needs branding or web solutions of any kind. I guarantee that you will enjoy highly professional service at a reasonable cost.

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AWIEF Community (South Africa)

I led my team to build the online social platform that hosts more than 400 members (entrepreneurs in various industries). The social platform allowed members to have their profiles, join forums, send private messages, and request or accept friend requests. I built a learning management system where more than 150 students took courses in drips from different parts of the globe and got assessed and certified.

AjahMotor (Nigeria)

I led my team to build the automobile spare part e-commerce platform that allows buyers to locate their exact vehicle brand and model while searching for any kind of spare part. We incorporated a robust multi-level product filtering system, and dynamic admin dashboard that allows for easy inventory management alongside smooth checkout and easy payment.

Kedrus Academy (Nigeria)

I managed the development of the robust edutech and mini-social platform where students can purchase and take courses, take assessments, and get certified. Students can also build their profiles and portfolios on the platform and get viewers to engage with (or like) their projects.

Mapemond Business Academy (Nigeria)

I managed the development of the business edutech platform where students can purchase and take courses, take assessments, and get certified. Every course on the platform has an online version as well as an on-site version. We set up the user journey and admin workflow in such a way that allows easy and seamless management of both versions of each course.

If you need references to many other projects I’ve done or managed directly, I can send them on your request.
I stumbled on one of Mr. Simeon Taiwo’s Instagram posts, and it felt like he was addressing my pain point. At the time, I was struggling with how to position my brand and incorporate systems and structure into all that I was doing. When I reached out to him, he asked me some questions that helped me reevaluate my core and thinking. My sessions with him were hit after hit because he always gave me uncommon value that I couldn’t get anywhere else.

Mrs. Oyebola Omolola


People Development Experience

Brilliant And Talented Summit

This summit was designed to help students in high schools and universities to create a healthy balance between classroom intelligence and societal relevance. We teach them adaptive learning skills that help them thrive in their studies while they have time to also develop their talents and learn industry-relevant skills. The mission of this summit is to redefine education, learning, and growth within our academic institutions. In the space of two years, this summit has impacted more than 1,250 students in total across Nigeria.

Simeon's Clarity Network

This network currently has more than 150 active members, and what I do is help the members gain clarity for day-to-day living and decision-making. I'm very passionate about helping people gain holistic and unbiased perspectives about situations and events in their lives, to take well-informed and calculated steps that stem from their sense of clarity and not just environmental influence.

Teachers & Educator's Forum

This is a 12,000+ online community of teachers, educators, school administrators, and key players in the educational industry. We built the forum to allow ease of value exchange, access to community support, and to directly enlighten educators on tools and approaches for productive teacher-learner relationships.

Celebrity Creative Bootcamp

As a creative entrepreneur with more than half a decade of experience in the creative space, I began to teach creatives how I grew from being a passion-led designer earning stipends to leading a fast-growing agency with clientele covering 5 countries and counting. Over the past two years, I've helped more than 50 creatives grow from earning peanuts to commanding 6-7 figures in their crafts.

Get some of my books

I have written books on various topics, including brand building, self-discovery, academic development, and personal clarity.

Go through my notes

I write a lot, and many of my writings are laden with weights of insights drawn from my daily experiences in life and business.

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“I connect distant silos, join dots, and build functional systems.”
Simeon Taiwo
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