What rich people do differently!

Look at the money in your pocket or wallet right now. Can you tell how many hands have touched that money before it got to you? Absolutely no way! But someone actually owned that money maybe some hours or days ago. And right now, you call it yours.

You see, money is always flowing from hands to hands. The only thing rich people do differently from the rest is that they have learnt how to make the money flow in more than it flows out. In other words, they produce more than they consume.

Now, hear this!

The money that will make you richer is not currently in your hands, but in the hands of those who would need what you have produced or will later produce. Now, this isn’t just some genius kind of stuff. It’s a mindset.

Think of how much you consume on food, clothes, housing, data subscription, TV subscription, airtime, junks, etc. Imagine how many people are making money from you daily.

Think of how much Mark Zuckerberg makes by selling your time and attention on Facebook & Instagram to businesses who also want to sell to you through paid ads. Right now, do you know how many millions people cash in on WhatsApp just by selling the time and attention you give to their status?

My friend, wake up! You’re spending more than you know on a daily basis! This is why the rich will keep getting richer. They understand the game of money. They sell to you and give you options to choose from. You make the choice with your money.

As we are getting closer to mid-2023, promise yourself to increase your channels of making money. Become a creator instead of just a consumer. While you’re sitting down, laughing at those jokes and catching cruise on those platforms, the comedians and platform owners are busy funding their dreams with your money.

Now, I ain’t saying you shouldn’t enjoy yourself. Please do. But make sure you build stuff that will help you to enjoy yourself without counting the cost.

I remain your clarity coach and your clarity remains my priority.


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