Where Are You Headed

Where Are You Headed

Identity crisis is a thing! Having so much potential, but no result to show for it is real. Sometimes, we get lost on life’s journey due to several factors. Some grew up with great talents, having many opportunities coming their way, yet didn’t achieve much. We have also seen those with no big opportunities coming their way and they still came out great. You see, opportunities only give you extra speed; knowing where you’re headed is what gives you direction. Where Are You Headed has been designed to help you make sense of your journey and give direction to your speed.



Simeon Taiwo is a brand consultant, specialized in creating authentic, mission-driven, and successful brands. He works regularly with industry professionals & organisations in the tech & knowledge-based sectors to build integrated brand solutions around their platforms, products & services. He’s a certified brand strategist, data analyst and management consultant.
Simeon is the founder of Clarylife Global – a leading brand development and web development agency in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. In close to a decade of work with hundreds of business leaders, executives, and industry experts, Simeon has gained a solid reputation of always bringing absolute clarity to every corporate/personal brand he works on.
Simeon is happily married to his wife, Abisola Simeon, and they both have two adorable boys, Hallel & Zoe.

You’re young and full of life. When you look at yourself, you see a lot of awesomeness. But your headache is that you are the only one who is aware of it—and maybe a few family members and friends. You’re sick and tired of being so unknown, despite all you can offer the world. You’re desperate to have your voice heard. This book is just for you. Hit the button below!