Where Are You Headed

Where Are You Headed

Perhaps, you’ve come to realize that skills, competencies and certifications are not enough to lead a successful life. All of these things only grant you speed, but they can be very useless and frustrating when there is no direction. Where Are You Headed has been designed to help you make sense of your journey and give direction to your speed.



Simeon Taiwo is a brand consultant, specialized in creating authentic, mission-driven, and successful brands. He works regularly with industry professionals & organisations in the tech & knowledge-based sectors to build integrated brand solutions around their platforms, products & services. He’s a certified brand strategist, data analyst and member of the institute of management consultants (IMC).
Simeon practically built his agency – Clarylife Global – from zero level to a 7-figure business enterprise within the space of two years. And as a Brand Core Strategist, he’s specialized in creating inspiring, mission-driven and successful brands.
Simeon is happily married to his wife, Abisola Simeon, and they both have two adorable boys, Hallel & Zoe.

You’re young and full of life. When you look at yourself, you see a lot of potentials and awesomeness. Your problem however is, you’re the only who knows it. Maybe a few family members and friends. You’re sick and tired of being small despite all you can offer to the world. And you’re desperate about getting your voice heard. This book is just for you.