Secrets of Optimum Learners

Learning is a valuable skill, but no curriculum covers it. This is why the real legends of the future are not those with special talents, photographic brains, or high IQs, but those who have mastered the art of learning. Are you a student in school or someone trying to build a career in something totally new to you? Secrets of Optimum Learners gives you all the techniques and approaches to reach the zenith in your chosen field of endeavour.



Simeon Taiwo is a brand consultant, specialized in creating authentic, mission-driven, and successful brands. He works regularly with industry professionals & organisations in the tech & knowledge-based sectors to build integrated brand solutions around their platforms, products & services. He’s a certified brand strategist, data analyst and management consultant.
Simeon is the convener of Brilliant And Talented Summit, a platform that helps students to build a sweet balance between academic brilliance and societal relevance. He is the founder of Teachers & Educators Forum, a 12,000+ capacity social community of teachers, educators and school administrators.
Simeon is happily married to his wife, Abisola Simeon, and they both have two adorable boys, Hallel & Zoe.

Being a good learner has nothing to do with being fast or slow at learning. It has everything to do with how you approach learning. This book focuses on helping you build the right attitude, mindset, and techniques for a successful learning experience in your chosen endeavour.

“I connect distant silos, join dots, and build functional systems.”
Simeon Taiwo

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