Five reasons no one buys what you sell

People don’t buy any product for the same reasons. And it’s also interesting to know that people only buy what you sell for their own reasons, not yours. The reason an athlete needs Glucose is not the same reason a hospital patient needs Glucose. This is also the reason you’ll see Peak Milk showing different ads in order to tell different stories that resonate with different market segments.

It’s very important that you don’t just know so much about your product/service without adequate knowledge of who you’re actually selling to, why they need what you sell, and what triggers them to make that buying decision. Here are 5 strong reasons no one is buying from you. You really want to save this post & even share with those you love. Let’s get straight into them:

1️⃣ You are not telling their stories.

Telling stories helps you achieve two things: (1) you draw the attention of those whose life journey match the story, (2) you establish trust in the minds of the audience that you truly understand what it means to be in their shoes.

2️⃣ They don’t even know you exist.

Another reason no one is buying from you is, the people who should buy are also looking for you. Seriously! Here are few reasons this happens: (1) you use too many technical terms that they can’t understand, (2) you’re not anywhere within the communities where those people are mostly found, (3) you’ve not branded yourself well enough to the quality of taste and preferences of these people.

3️⃣ You don’t have a functional and converting sales funnel.

It’s one thing to be seen and found. It’s another thing is make the buying process of your customers an easy one. Any difficulty they encounter in their purchase journey, you’ll lose them.

4️⃣ You don’t have a price structure that makes it easier for them to buy.

No one will be inclined to make a purchase from you when they still feel you’re the one winning the deal. People always want to minimize risks. This is why you need valuable low-end offers that people can jump at without the feeling of losing anything.

5️⃣ You’re not clear on the value you offer.

The clearer you get on the exact value you offer, the easier it is to get clients onboarded. People always go around looking for professionalism but they eventually buy clarity. You need to be clear on the emotional, functional and psychological value they derive from your product/service, not just the features.

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