Stories rule in the world of business

Have you been trying to sell your quality product/service and no one seems to be paying attention to you? Let me tell you what I found out. You see, in the business world of today, people run away from those who always have something to sell and they run to those who have got an experience to offer.

A person comes with powerful stuff to sell and people just look away. But another person comes with the same thing and tells a story around the problem it solves and people begin to fall over for it! Why is that? Simply because stories rule in the world of business!

When it comes to transacting value, people buy experiences and not products and services. What drives buying decisions are not the features or hard facts around your products & services. Why? You’re not the only one. Customers are faced with thousands of other choices. So, how do you stand out? You’ve got to win their heart.

Guess how you do that? Tell a story that matches their dreams, a story that paints a picture of the pain they’re going through, a story that resonates with their life journey. Then, attach your product (or service) as the solution (or key) they have been looking for. That is how to sell! If you can achieve this, you don’t need to chase customers anymore. They will be the one to come chasing after you.

So, let’s talk about your product/service? What experience does it give? What problems does it solve? What pain does it end? What pleasure does it give? What are the confusions/ignorance around the use of it?

Looking into all of these, you can begin to change the mode of communicating your value to your target audience and see the magic happens.

No one wants to be sold to. Everyone wants to be given an experience.

Until you learn to start helping your prospects to salivate and lust after your value, you can’t get their heart nor their cash.

This is the art of branding. You need to brand yourself up in a manner that resonates with your audience.

Do you need help with this in your business? I can work with you to get your brand positioning and brand messaging right.

Have you been searching for a trusted hand for your brand development and business process automation, e-commerce, and edutech solutions? Perhaps you just stumbled on the right person.

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