Legacy: The Hallmark of Branding

This icon, Daddy Mike Bamiloye, is a carrier of several dimensions of grace that I so much covet.

See, the success of your branding is found in three things:

What you’re becoming gradually as you brand

– The reputation you’re building as you brand

– The legacies you’re leaving behind as you brand.

I’m an expert in this field of brand building, but the truth I’ve found out is, there are people living out the principles of this field excellently well without probably knowing what name those principles are called.

That is why it is foolishness to think God can’t teach you or inspire you to know certain things (by instincts) such that when scholars begin to examine you, they’ll think you’re already a professor in that thing.

The Bible clearly said, “I have more understanding than all my teachers because your testimonies are my meditation.” Who taught Jacob how to multiply the flock of Laban to his own favour? Was it not an angel?

That’s why I take delight in studying people, institutions and platforms. Mike Bamiloye is one African brand that I know who has successfully been able to pass the baton of his ministry seamlessly just by yielding to God and making sure his family did same. Don’t just read books, read people!

After we have spoken all the grammar there is to speak, and climbed on all the platforms there is to climb on, our works will be weighed eventually by the kind of legacy we left, and how we were able to successfully replicate ourselves in more powerful dimensions.

This reminds me of the book, POINT MAN, which talked about Saving The Boys. I thank God I got the book before becoming a father. It showed how several fathers have failed their sons, but also mentioned one man who was able to save his boys.

His name is Jonathan Edwards (born 1703). He was one of the most brilliant minds America ever produced, a pastor, writer, and later, president of Princeton. He and his wife had eleven children. Of his known male descendants:

– More than 300 became pastors, missionaries, or theological professors.

– 120 were professors at various universities.

– 110 became attorneys

– 60 were prominent authors

– 30 were judges

– 14 served as presidents of universities and colleges

– 3 served in the U.S. Congress

– 1 became vice-president of the United States.

While many of us may want to attribute some of these figures to chances, the truth is, we can’t underestimate the foundational work that must have been done by the patriarch himself.

While we’re busy building brands, let’s always sk ourselves these fundamental questions:

– What are you gradually becoming?

– What reputation are you gradually building?

– What legacies are you leaving behind?

When you’re gone, your descendants will one day be at the crossroads of decision, and they’ll remember, “my father’s name is known for this and that”. And that may be what would save their future.

Branding is not an end in itself. It’s only a means to an end. But if you’re doing yours without any well-defined end, we already know your end. #Selah

I remain your BrandCore Strategist.


This is not to say your children MUST follow after your work, ministry or profession.

Parents who fail to study the dynamics of what they envy in others are the ones who force things on their children. Let’s assume none of the children even took after him in the ministry, and probably found their separate paths, I believe the legacy is still standing.

It’s a legacy of character, values, and standards. Also, seeing the massive upgrade that the children have brought into the ministry, I don’t think such level of excellence can be forced or achieved through coercion.

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