5 Social Media Hacks You Need in 2021

5 Social Media Hacks You Need in 2021

Social media branding isn't just about posting. There are hacks working behind the surface that makes things work.

By now, you should understand so much about BRANDING and how it affects your business or profession. However, there are still some practical tips & hacks that work beneath the surface to help you scale up your brand in a measurable way!

Please, take these things seriously as we’re entering 2021!


1) Optimize your social media platforms by all means!

– Get a professional headshot picture that portrays you the way you seek to be perceived. Make sure the picture is the same on all the social platforms you use.

– Get a small 120-150 word bio that introduces you (and summarises who you are or what you do) in a very good light. Try to make it uniform on all your social media platforms.

– Review all your about info across every platform. Whatever has lost taste or is no longer relevant, remove them. A lot of things would have changed in your life and level of understanding. Let the changes begin to reflect.

– This one would take time! But it’s as important as all the others put together. Review your friends and connections on social media. Just like in the real world of things, you are always the average of the five people you mingle with, on social media too, the people you surround yourself with, always determine what flows around you.

You can create a very powerful and value-loaded atmosphere around yourself on social media based on the quality and class of people you mingle with. Trust me, this is a constant in your social media branding equation.

– Have something you really want to be known for. Brand success in any field is not by saying too many things at a time, but by saying a singular thing in many creative and interesting ways. When we scroll down your page on any platform, we should ascertain what you are into just within your 5 last posts.

2) Remove the automatic tagging on your Facebook timeline. Go to your Facebook settings and change the timeline & tagging to “Review before tagging.”

3) Don’t only live on your timeline. Be alive in other people’s comment box as well. When you engage with others, you draw their attention to yourself. When you drop meaningful and valuable stuff respectfully on other people’s stuff, you create an impression and they begin to take note of you. Don’t just post and ghost.

4) Reach out to people on your social platforms. Learn the art of striking and keeping a conversation.

When you reach out to people, appreciating their impact and mentioning something you love about them or one striking thing you have learnt from them that has helped you (with proofs), you open them up to want to get closer.

And of course, you have to be value-oriented. Bring forth your value too and that’s how destiny relationships are formed. I’m a product of this.

5) Give, give, give then ASK! This is one principle of content marketing. People only purchase the value you sell as a ‘thank you’ note for the value you have been giving FOR FREE. Nurture before trying to sell.

Communicate massive value before coming up with products. Value can come in the form of vital information that solves a specific problem or answers specific questions. It could be entertaining, insights, etc. But always ensure people have a taste of how valuable you are before you try selling to them.

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